Glebe Farm is the only farm in the UK growing and processing gluten free oats into porridge flakes and oat flour

Total Gluten Free Oat Purity

The Process

Glebe Farm Foods make only Gluten Free food on a dedicated Gluten Free only mill, aiming to be market and quality leaders in Gluten Free oats, sourced only in the UK. As farmers we have been controlling our oats from 2010 all the way from seed through the growing to final positive release test. We will work with our customers and technically support them to give long term purity, security and reliability.


1. Seed Cleanliness

Total purity starts with seed. We test all seed and fields to have no wheat, barley or rye. We grow a lot of oats ourselves and so know better than any other mill what has to be done. We have a detailed protocol with contracted growers using crop breaks and field and crop tests for full traceability. We know all our suppliers personally and can trace back to find all details about any of our oats.


2. Dedicated Gluten Free Handling

Combines and trailers are thoroughly cleaned and then only used for gluten free oats. Stores are inspected and kept absolutely dedicated to our gluten free oats.


3. Dedicated Gluten Free Haulage

Our lorries do not carry any other cereals – gluten free oats only, for no mistakes.


4. Positive Release Elisa Tested <5ppm

To ensure full traceability and so that our customers can prove gluten free to anyone. We provide R5 ELISA Tests to <5ppm.


5. Dedicated Gluten Free Oat Mills

Our mill and all the oat handling equipment only runs gluten free oats. We do not run gluten free oats only on ‘special days’ – we run everyday. We improve every day too and have a culture of ‘high purity’ amongst our staff.


6. Pure Process Tests <2ppm

Oat grains are tested every tonne to ensure there are no wheat or barley grains in 1kg. We do this twice during the process.At this stage we know we are far better than the gluten free specification. Our long term average is better than 100 or 1000x the 20ppm spec.